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  1. Can a Marquee be Used on Concrete?

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    Can you use a marquee on other hard surfaces like tarmac or pavement?

    If you are looking to host an event on a patio, town square, car park, seafront or even on the tarmac of an airfield, you might ask ‘can a marquee be used on concrete?’ before you find out anything else. The marquee tent is likely to be a focal point for your event so this is a great question to ask.

    In our work over the last 20 years, we’ve helped event organisers to put plans into action and have built marquees in some beautiful places. Our experience tells us that, yes, you can put a marquee on concrete or hard standing if you’ve taken the right factors into consideration. In this blog, we’ll explain how to secure a marquee on concrete, how to keep it level and what kinds of flooring you can use to make your event a success.

    How to secure a marquee on concrete or tarmac

    As with any temporary event structure, safety is of the utmost importance. Your marquee supplier should have all the necessary tools to secure your marquee on concrete, tarmac or other hard standing.

    The Clearspan frame marquees that we use at larger events are bolted into the ground for increased stability on grass or earth. It is sometimes possible, the landowner’s permission, to drill holes and bolt into hardstanding as well. In these cases, the concrete or tarmac is repaired when the event finishes. However, this method can be tricky for organisers who are hiring an event site from an external organisation.

    In general, anywhere we cannot peg our marquees we use either concrete or water weights to make the marquee safe and secure. These weights are purpose-built, so they have hooks to secure the marquee with straps and can be covered to blend in with the event décor. We find that this is a great solution for most event organisers because there is no need for reinstatement after the event.

    How to level a marquee on hard standing

    If you would like to hire a marquee for an event location with sloping concrete, then your marquee hire team will need to create a level foundation before the build begins.

    The process of creating a level foundation for a marquee in car park is very similar to creating a base for marquee in a regular park! First, we build the subfloor from interlocking metal, then we level it from below to guarantee that the structure is well supported. When this is completed, we cover the metal frame with wooden panels. This will become floor for the marquee.

    What kind of marquee flooring should be used for marquees on concrete

    There are many different options for marquee floors on hard standing. If your event is taking place on a level hard surface, then you can choose to go without additional flooring. This means that the tarmac or concrete at the site is used for the interior floor of the marquee. Carpet, hardwood and slip-resistant matting can also be easily be added to a marquee on a concrete site.

    Find out more about our services in our marquees in Devon blog or get in touch for a free marquee hire quote.

  2. How to Decorate a Wedding Marquee

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    A marquee can be a great way to add style and flavour to your wedding and make the event truly the day you’ve been dreaming of your whole life. One of the challenges that people normally face is how to decorate a wedding marquee? It’s very simple, once you break it down. We have helped hundreds of clients plan marquee weddings in Devon and there are so many techniques for making your marquee décor look unique.

    Coloured Lining

    One of the most important features of any marquee wedding is the lining so that the marquee can have that magical look. The internal lining is a crucial element to the overall appearance, as it’s what you’ll be seeing while inside the marquee. We offer a variety of colour options so that you can shape your marquee to the look and feel of your wedding.

    Custom Lighting

    Lighting can make a big difference to the look and feel of your event. Soft lighting can add a warm glow to the event, giving an intimate feel. Adding colour of your lighting can help you build on a theme or event match with your bride’s maids dresses! For this reason, it’s important to pick the right type of lighting.

    At Marldon Marquees, we have lighting options that allows us to set the right ambiance based on your individual needs. Our most common lighting options are ground-based, which come in a variety of colours in addition to the more classic above lighting options.


    Round tables, long tables or even the chairs you choose will help your event to take shape. Guests at long tables will enjoy a more casual experience. While a more formal event might make use of some of our round tables.

    Everyone has different taste when it comes to furniture, we have a wide range of options for you to choose from! We have multiple styles of chairs, tables, outside seating, french doors and everything else the perfect wedding needs.


    Every great wedding has a bar, it’s where people go to talk, relax and celebrate the bride and groom. A barrel bar is a great way to add rustic charm to an event or a classic bar with social area can help keep guests happy and relaxed.

    Find out more about our marquee decor options and how we can help you decorate your wedding marquees in Devon.

  3. What are Marquees Made Of?

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    If you are looking to a hire a marquee for an outdoor event, you might want to ask your marquee hire firm ‘what are the marquees made of?’

    It should seem obvious but there are lots of different types of marquee materials available, each with different levels of performance. Some marquee tent material might be suited for your event better than others. Here we will explain what marquees are made of, how the materials perform and what the differences are between one tent material and another.

    What are Clear Span Marquees made of?

    Broadly speaking, almost any professionally constructed marquee will be made up of an interior frame and outer cover. Modern marquee frames tend to be built using Clear span frames which are made from aluminium.

    Aluminium is strong, lightweight and durable, making it a fantastic material for temporary structures. During construction, sections can be fitted together in a modular way that allows for a smooth and efficient site build. These are just a few of the reasons that we choose to build with aluminium Clear span marquee frames.

    Weather Resistant PE Marquees

    You will recognise marquees made of PE because they are typically smaller and this material is often used for DIY marquees and gazebos. PE stands for Polyethylene and is similar material to a tarpaulin. This material offers some weather resistance and is easy to clean.

    Because of the way these tents tend to be built, they do not offer as many options for interior decor as our other marquees, but they are good for small, short events or as a base for event support staff.

    Weather Proof PVC Marquees

    In our experience, the best marquees are made of 100% PVC material. As a marquee building material PVC is lightweight and durable. As an addition to your event, a PVC marquee will look stunning in any setting. The material can withstand wind and rain, is easy to clean and come in a beautiful glossy finish. The material can also be supplied in clear sections meaning that you can have see-through gable to let in the sunlight.

    At Marldon Marquees, we use PVC marquees for events of all sizes, throughout the year. The durability and reliability of this material helps to best serve our clients. And PVC works incredibly well with the Clearspan aluminium frames meaning that we can get perfect construction every time.

    Traditional Canvas Marquees

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, people constructed marquees from canvas materials, with lots of guy ropes and leaks. The industry has moved on so much since then. Today’s marquees are versatile, elegant and robust contact us to find out more.

  4. How to build a Marquee Tent That Suits Your Event or Wedding

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    If you are looking to hold an outdoor wedding or event, building a marquee is a great option to add style, flexibility and weatherproofing to your soirée! We know how useful it is to know what your marquee hire team considers when they decide how to build a marquee tent for your event. Though each wedding or party is unique, there are some factors, like location and tools that always come into play.

    We’ve built hundreds of marquees for Devon events over the years and in this blog, we’ll discuss what we think about to decide how to build a marquee tent that suits our clients’ needs.

    Site Visit and Marquee Risk Assessments

    We ensure that we visit each site well before we start building a marquee. At a site visit, we can get a look at the access to the site, options for utilities like water and electric, as well as taking measurements to confirm the best size for the marquee. But most importantly, the site visit allows us to make any site-specific additions to our marquee risk assessments. At Marldon Marquees we are committed to making marquees that are beautiful and built to the highest standards, and the site visit and risk assessment are the first steps.

    Computer-Aided Design

    Making the best possible use of the space you have on offer is of paramount importance to us. Our computer-aided design service (CAD) allows us to plan and visualise your design on screen for you. We use your event ideas and notes from the site visit to create 3D CAD drawings and bring your ideas to life. This technology lets you compare options for table layouts, windows, doors, and even the dance floor.

    When you’re happy with the design of your event marquee we can put your plans into practice during the marquee build.

    Building the Marquee Foundations and Flooring

    We can build a marquee on hard standing, on grass, gravel or hard earth, but before we build, the area should be fairly level. If your site is not level, we build a subfloor to level the site and provide a working area for the marquee. The subfloor is made from a raised metal frame covered with wooden panels. Because the metal frame is interlocking, we are can level it from below to ensure the structure is well supported.

    Marquee Frames

    All our marquees are of a framed Clearspan design, they do not have centre poles or unsightly guy ropes. They are white and are available in various widths and lengths depending on your requirements.  When we build our marquees, first our team erects the aluminium frames, then we add the PVC roof and sides to the marquee.

    Marquee Interior Decor

    Finally, we add marquee decor and fixtures like lighting, flooring and seating. Additionally, if you have requested any additional items like heating, generators, toilets, or other features, we can add these to the marquee site once the tent is built.


    When you think about how to build a marquee for your event, the most important factor should be that you have a team of marquee hire professionals that are experienced and knowledgable. If you would like more information about how we build marquees for our clients in Devon and the South West get in touch.

  5. Why have a Marquee Wedding?

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    There are so many venue choices for a bride and groom who are planning a wedding, so why have a marquee wedding? Well, there many benefits to having a wedding reception in a marquee rather than a traditional venue and that’s what we’ll be discussing in this blog.

    Create a Unique Wedding Venue

    We build each of our wedding marquees to order, customised for the site. So one of the best answers for the ‘why have a marquee wedding’ question, is that it’s a great way to create a bespoke and unique wedding venue.  We help our clients turn wedding plans into reality. Over the last 20 years, we’ve been able to build weddings marquees that include outside elements like fountains, trees, and even a swimming pool, part of the event decor!

    Have a Wedding Marquee in Your Garden

    A wedding in a garden is a whimsical way to celebrate your nuptials so another benefit of a marquee wedding is that you can hold your reception in the garden of your family home. Marquees come in a range of sizes, so a small selection of guests or a larger weatherproof marquee can be created to suit your needs.

    Being based in the South West, there are so many country homes that are perfect for weddings! And our team take the greatest of care on site to ensure that your garden looks great before, during and after the wedding.

    Have a Wedding in the Devon Countryside

    Just picture it – a rustic wedding in the heart of the Devon countryside! With a wedding marquee, you can plan the positioning of the tent so that every view is picture perfect. Our marquees can be built with sides that open out to let in the summer breeze or with a clear top to let the sunshine in. No electric? No problem. We can supply all the electric, lighting, heating and more for your guests, which means you can leave the logistics to us.

    Theme Your Wedding Marquee

    Lots of people choose a marquee wedding because the tent becomes your canvas (see what we did there) allowing you to fully commit to your wedding theme or colour scheme. We use clearspan marquee frames that keep each of our structures open plan, so you can decorate fill the space as you wish.  And if you need some inspiration, we have a range of features to help you tailor the space to your specifications, even matching the interior decor to the bride’s maid’s dresses!

    Accommodate Your Wedding Party

    You can hire a wedding marquee that suits a small intimate weddings or marquees that can seat 100 or up to 1000 wedding guests. So unlike wedding venues that require a minimum number of guests or have strict limits on capacity, if the location is right, we can build your marquee wedding to fit the size of your guest list.

    The Time is Yours

    Once your marquee wedding is erected, it is yours. This means that many of our clients enjoy having a marquee wedding because you can be more flexible with timings for your preparation, celebration and pack up. This flexibility helps to reduce the stress of the day, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

    At Marldon Marquees, we hire elegant wedding marquees for clients across Devon and the South West. Contact us to find out more about how to hire a marquee for your wedding.

  6. What Size Marquee for 100 Guests?

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    If you’re planning an outdoor event or big wedding for 100 of your nearest and dearest friends, you’ll need a marquee that can accommodate your needs. To decide on the what size marquee for 100 guests you’ll need to have a clear idea of what kind of event you’d like to host.  As you start to visualise an event with features like a bar, a dancefloor, tables, chairs or an event stage, the requirements for your marquees will change.

    With more than 20 years’ experience working with wedding planners and event organisers, here are our recommendations and tips for the best marquee size for 100 guests.

    Bar Marquee for 100 Standing Guests

    A basic marquee for 100 standing guests should be around 9m x 15m if it includes small bar or stage. To determine space required for the bar – cask ales tend to require racks – or the stage, you’ll need to take account the needs for the staff to operate and as well as any loading space. Within the marquee, make sure that floor is suitable for purposes and keeping the space clear with overhead lighting and décor.


    Marquee with Long Table Seating for 100 Guests

    For an event or wedding with 100 guests sitting at long tables, we recommend marquee that is at around 9m x 18m. A marquee of this size will allow for good access and egress for your main guests whilst making room for a ‘top table’ of honourees. Whether you’re planning a wedding or village fete, a long table event layout is certain to add a vintage ambiance to the event.


    Marquee for Round Table Wedding Reception with 100 Guests

    A marquee with round table seating for 100 guests will need be roughly 12m x 12m in size. Round tables are a popular choice for weddings as they encourage social interaction between guests. For your event you will need to consider the dimensions and number of chairs for each table. We offer round tables with seating for 8 or 10 guests, as well as oval tables that seat up 18. In the past, we’ve worked with organisers who have used tables that are the same size or a mix of sizes.

    Marquee Wedding Reception for 100 with Dancefloor

    Marquee for 100 with Dance floor
    Our dance floors are sectional and available in 1m x 1m sections and are built to allow the correct size for your function. So for a wedding with 100 guests we recommend a dancefloor of 4m x5m.  When we add this element to the structure, a good ball park size for marquee with round tables for 100 and a dance floor is about 12m x 18m.

    Want to learn more about marquee options for your marquee or event? Get in touch with the team here at Marldon Marquees for a free quote.

  7. How much are marquees for weddings?

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    One of the first questions that we get from our clients is ‘how much are marquees for weddings?’ When you’re exploring options your big day, cost can be a deciding factor.  We work directly with all our clients to make certain that we can provide the best possible value to make your day beautiful and memorable.

    We’ve been supplying wedding marquees to brides and grooms across Devon and the South West for more than 20 years, and every event is different. The price of a marquee will change when you add features, change the size, or increase the duration of the hire. The list below is designed to give you a guide for marquee hire prices, to get the clearest idea of how much a wedding marquee costs, contact us for a free quote.

    Here are few examples of some basic marquee hire prices – customisations like flooring, lighting, interior lining, dancefloors and furniture hire will also affect the hire price.

    Small Wedding Marquee for 25 to 50 people – from £800-2000 + VAT

    Prices for a small marquee, sized about 6m x 9m, start from £800 + VAT for a weekend hire. A marquee of this size would be suitable for a small wedding party of around 50 standing guests, 40 seated for dinner or about 25 with a dance floor.

    Mid-Size Wedding Marquee for 55 to 100 people – from £1800-3500 + VAT

    The cost of medium wedding marquee, sized about 9m x 9m, starts from £1800 + VAT to hire for a weekend. This would comfortably suit a dining and dancefloor for 55 wedding guests, or 80 seated at tables or more than 100 standing.

    Large Wedding Marquee for 100 to 150 people – from £2500 – as required + VAT

    Rates to hire a large marquee for a wedding, about 9m x 15m, start at £2500 + VAT.  A marquee around this size would suit a wedding with 100 seated diners and a dancefloor, 120 dinner guests without a dancefloor or around 150 standing buffet guests. We are experienced at building marquees of all sizes, so would be happy to discuss your requirements if you’d planning a larger wedding.


    Of course, each wedding is different and with our range of marquees styles and features, we can help you shape your wedding into the perfect day. Get in touch to for a free quote or to discuss the needs to your wedding day.

  8. Can a Marquee be used in Winter?

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    Our blog explores how you can use a marquee for your winter wedding or event.

    Well, the short answer is, yes. In the right conditions, a well-constructed marquee can be used in the winter for a wedding or event. If you’re considering using a marquee for your outdoor winter event there are a few things, you’ll want to consider when making arrangements.

    Choose the right location

    The location of your marquee is always a consideration, but in the winter, the type of ground and access become particularly important. During a British summer, wedding and event organisers may need to contend with rain. Winter events will also need to plan for ice and, potentially, snow. In these instances, the ground may become hard or difficult to access during the marquee build. If your event is on hard standing, then building the marquee will be fairly straight forward. In either case, provisions will need to be made for guests to get to the site safely, so exterior weather-proof flooring and lighting may be needed.

    A good marquee hire team will be able assess the site and plan for these issues early in the booking stages.  

    Heating a Marquee in the Winter

    In cold weather, organisers need to consider how to heat the marquee.In our experience, the best way to heat a marquee is to use an indirect heater to pump hot air into the space.  An indirect heater, sometimes called a ‘marquee heater’, is a self-contained and maintenance free machine that looks a bit like a generator. During an event,the heater can be placed outside the marquee and the temperature can be adjustedusing a thermostat on the inside. The heat it creates is warm, clean, and dry, tokeep guests comfortable without raising humidity.

    Indirect heaters are something that we provide for our clients. 

    How to light your marquee

    Because the nights are longer in winter, interior and exterior lighting can drastically change the mood and ambiance of an evening.

    Within a marquee, there are many options for lighting, including chandeliers, fairy lights or lanterns from the ceiling. There are also options to light the space using ground based light boxes to add colour and depth to walls.  

    On the outside of the marquee, making sure that guests have good visibility on walk ways, entrances and exits will especially important during winter evenings.

    Marquee Flooring

    Marquee flooring in the winter can vary depending upon your event requirements.  For a more formal event, a hard floor with a carpet overlay is a low maintenance way to keep the space looking its best whatever the weather. For a more casual affair, like a holiday market, using coir matting is a flexible, non-slip solution with a rustic feel.

    Are you planning an event this winter? Get in touch with the experts at Marldon Marquees for more information on how to make your event a success.

  9. Where to Hire Marquees?

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    If you’re planning an outdoor event or wedding, one of the first things you might want to find out is ‘Where to hire marquees?’ After all, having a beautiful marquee helps to protect your special day from the elements and gives you great options for lighting, entertainment, and catering. For wedding planners and event organisers, there are a few options available for where to hire a marquee from, which we will discuss in this blog.

    Hire Marquees Directly

    If you are booking directly with a marquee hire company, it is likely that you are one of the main planners for your event or wedding. You will be able to arrange access for the marquee builders to the site as well as having permission to use services like water and power. Whether the event is in a park or in the middle of a farm, you’ll be the main point of contact for whichever marquee hire firm you choose.

    With our clients, we try to make sure that we get a good idea of the size of the event, entertainments on offer and things to keep your guests happy – like heating and seating before you book. This helps make the process as simple as possible and helps us to identify any special requirements for the event early on. After 20 years’ experience in Devon, our local area, we tend to know what is needed at many of the popular wedding venues, which enables us to be more efficient.

    Use a Recommended Marquee Supplier From the Venue

    Depending on where you’re holding your wedding or event, the venue might have restrictions or recommendations with regards to where to hire marquees. It’s good to speak to the venue about this before you start making any other arrangements. Any marquee team that the venue recommends will have an existing relationship with that venue. This sometimes makes booking quicker as the company will already have knowledge of the logistical details for the site.

    In our experience of working with venues like Westpoint in Devon, having a good existing relationship with the venue owners can make for a relaxed planning experience and, ultimately, a successful event.

    Find a Marquee Company Near You

    Location is an important factor when you decide where to hire marquees. Marquees need to be strong and sturdy, which generally means that the parts that make up a marquee are quite heavy to transport. So finding a marquee company that is relatively near where you plan to hold your event can help to keep costs down.

    As an example, here at Marldon Marquees, we tend to work in and around Devon, but we also travel to Taunton and Cornwall. Though we consider working with weddings and events that are further afield, the travel time and cost can often make this tricky. Furthermore, the fact that we work so frequently with local venues and events means that we have expert knowledge in our area. This expertise makes it easier for us to help with inquiries from clients who, like a bride and groom, might be booking a marquee for the first time.

    Once you’ve decided where to hire your marquees, your marquee hire team should be helpful, courteous and professional, with the experience to help you deliver an incredible event. They should also have adequate insurance and be part of the marquee industry benchmarking association, MUTA. This will give you the confidence that the company you choose will have the right health and safety policy and know how to erect marquees safely, whatever the weather or site. We at Marldon Marquees have been members for 12 years.

    For more information about how hiring a marquee can help make your outdoor event a memorable one, get in touch with Marldon Marquees.