How to build a Marquee Tent That Suits Your Event or Wedding

Clearspan Marquee Construction

If you are looking to hold an outdoor wedding or event, building a marquee is a great option to add style, flexibility and weatherproofing to your soirée! We know how useful it is to know what your marquee hire team considers when they decide how to build a marquee tent for your event. Though each wedding or party is unique, there are some factors, like location and tools that always come into play.

We’ve built hundreds of marquees for Devon events over the years and in this blog, we’ll discuss what we think about to decide how to build a marquee tent that suits our clients’ needs.

Site Visit and Marquee Risk Assessments

We ensure that we visit each site well before we start building a marquee. At a site visit, we can get a look at the access to the site, options for utilities like water and electric, as well as taking measurements to confirm the best size for the marquee. But most importantly, the site visit allows us to make any site-specific additions to our marquee risk assessments. At Marldon Marquees we are committed to making marquees that are beautiful and built to the highest standards, and the site visit and risk assessment are the first steps.

Computer-Aided Design

Making the best possible use of the space you have on offer is of paramount importance to us. Our computer-aided design service (CAD) allows us to plan and visualise your design on screen for you. We use your event ideas and notes from the site visit to create 3D CAD drawings and bring your ideas to life. This technology lets you compare options for table layouts, windows, doors, and even the dance floor.

When you’re happy with the design of your event marquee we can put your plans into practice during the marquee build.

Building the Marquee Foundations and Flooring

We can build a marquee on hard standing, on grass, gravel or hard earth, but before we build, the area should be fairly level. If your site is not level, we build a subfloor to level the site and provide a working area for the marquee. The subfloor is made from a raised metal frame covered with wooden panels. Because the metal frame is interlocking, we are can level it from below to ensure the structure is well supported.

Marquee Frames

All our marquees are of a framed Clearspan design, they do not have centre poles or unsightly guy ropes. They are white and are available in various widths and lengths depending on your requirements.  When we build our marquees, first our team erects the aluminium frames, then we add the PVC roof and sides to the marquee.

Marquee Interior Decor

Finally, we add marquee decor and fixtures like lighting, flooring and seating. Additionally, if you have requested any additional items like heating, generators, toilets, or other features, we can add these to the marquee site once the tent is built.


When you think about how to build a marquee for your event, the most important factor should be that you have a team of marquee hire professionals that are experienced and knowledgable. If you would like more information about how we build marquees for our clients in Devon and the South West get in touch.