Do you need a generator for your outdoor event? We have lots of options for getting electricity to your marquee.

Option 1 - Mains Electric

For a small quantity of power (i.e. a few lights and a small disco) power can be provided from the house 13-amp sockets to run out to the marquee via extension leads. This works if the marquee is reasonably close to a building.
Large quantities of power (i.e. catering areas) are not suitable to be run from the house 13amp plugs.

Option 2 - Three Phase Mains

We arrange for an electrician to visit your building with us to connect directly into the main house fuse box. This allows us to run a much larger amount of power into the marquee. This is then distributed throughout the marquee by satellite electrical boards.

Option 3 - Generator

If the house is too far away from the marquee then a generator is going to be required. We use super silent generators that allow large amounts of power to be provided for minimal noise.