Event Heating

You can keep your guests cozy and comfortable in our marquees with our great options for marquee heating. Find our more out about our great solutions for marquee heating even in the winter.

Indirect Heating


This heater is positioned outside the marquee, the hot air is then ducted into the marquee via tubing. This air is clean, fume free and warm. The units are maintenance-free and are operated by a thermostat placed inside the marquee which allows the required temperature to be maintained during the day. We deliver this method with enough fuel for your event.

Patio Heaters

patio_heater-300x225-300x225 (1)

A firm favourite of allĀ functions and parties, patio heaters provide comfort and heat outside our marquees, allowing your guests to enjoy the evening air, or that wonderful Summer sunset at the end of a hectic day. Supplied with gas, ready to use.