Can a Marquee be Used on Concrete?

Can you use a marquee on other hard surfaces like tarmac or pavement?

If you are looking to host an event on a patio, town square, car park, seafront or even on the tarmac of an airfield, you might ask ‘can a marquee be used on concrete?’ before you find out anything else. The marquee tent is likely to be a focal point for your event so this is a great question to ask.

In our work over the last 20 years, we’ve helped event organisers to put plans into action and have built marquees in some beautiful places. Our experience tells us that, yes, you can put a marquee on concrete or hard standing if you’ve taken the right factors into consideration. In this blog, we’ll explain how to secure a marquee on concrete, how to keep it level and what kinds of flooring you can use to make your event a success.

How to secure a marquee on concrete or tarmac

As with any temporary event structure, safety is of the utmost importance. Your marquee supplier should have all the necessary tools to secure your marquee on concrete, tarmac or other hard standing.

The Clearspan frame marquees that we use at larger events are bolted into the ground for increased stability on grass or earth. It is sometimes possible, the landowner’s permission, to drill holes and bolt into hardstanding as well. In these cases, the concrete or tarmac is repaired when the event finishes. However, this method can be tricky for organisers who are hiring an event site from an external organisation.

In general, anywhere we cannot peg our marquees we use either concrete or water weights to make the marquee safe and secure. These weights are purpose-built, so they have hooks to secure the marquee with straps and can be covered to blend in with the event décor. We find that this is a great solution for most event organisers because there is no need for reinstatement after the event.

How to level a marquee on hard standing

If you would like to hire a marquee for an event location with sloping concrete, then your marquee hire team will need to create a level foundation before the build begins.

The process of creating a level foundation for a marquee in car park is very similar to creating a base for marquee in a regular park! First, we build the subfloor from interlocking metal, then we level it from below to guarantee that the structure is well supported. When this is completed, we cover the metal frame with wooden panels. This will become floor for the marquee.

What kind of marquee flooring should be used for marquees on concrete

There are many different options for marquee floors on hard standing. If your event is taking place on a level hard surface, then you can choose to go without additional flooring. This means that the tarmac or concrete at the site is used for the interior floor of the marquee. Carpet, hardwood and slip-resistant matting can also be easily be added to a marquee on a concrete site.

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