What are Marquees Made Of?

If you are looking to a hire a marquee for an outdoor event, you might want to ask your marquee hire firm ‘what are the marquees made of?’

It should seem obvious but there are lots of different types of marquee materials available, each with different levels of performance. Some marquee tent material might be suited for your event better than others. Here we will explain what marquees are made of, how the materials perform and what the differences are between one tent material and another.

What are Clear Span Marquees made of?

Broadly speaking, almost any professionally constructed marquee will be made up of an interior frame and outer cover. Modern marquee frames tend to be built using Clear span frames which are made from aluminium.

Aluminium is strong, lightweight and durable, making it a fantastic material for temporary structures. During construction, sections can be fitted together in a modular way that allows for a smooth and efficient site build. These are just a few of the reasons that we choose to build with aluminium Clear span marquee frames.

Weather Resistant PE Marquees

You will recognise marquees made of PE because they are typically smaller and this material is often used for DIY marquees and gazebos. PE stands for Polyethylene and is similar material to a tarpaulin. This material offers some weather resistance and is easy to clean.

Because of the way these tents tend to be built, they do not offer as many options for interior decor as our other marquees, but they are good for small, short events or as a base for event support staff.

Weather Proof PVC Marquees

In our experience, the best marquees are made of 100% PVC material. As a marquee building material PVC is lightweight and durable. As an addition to your event, a PVC marquee will look stunning in any setting. The material can withstand wind and rain, is easy to clean and come in a beautiful glossy finish. The material can also be supplied in clear sections meaning that you can have see-through gable to let in the sunlight.

At Marldon Marquees, we use PVC marquees for events of all sizes, throughout the year. The durability and reliability of this material helps to best serve our clients. And PVC works incredibly well with the Clearspan aluminium frames meaning that we can get perfect construction every time.

Traditional Canvas Marquees

Once upon a time, a long time ago, people constructed marquees from canvas materials, with lots of guy ropes and leaks. The industry has moved on so much since then. Today’s marquees are versatile, elegant and robust contact us to find out more.