What Size Marquee for 100 Guests?

Wedding Marquee long-table layout

If you’re planning an outdoor event or big wedding for 100 of your nearest and dearest friends, you’ll need a marquee that can accommodate your needs. To decide on the what size marquee for 100 guests you’ll need to have a clear idea of what kind of event you’d like to host.  As you start to visualise an event with features like a bar, a dancefloor, tables, chairs or an event stage, the requirements for your marquees will change.

With more than 20 years’ experience working with wedding planners and event organisers, here are our recommendations and tips for the best marquee size for 100 guests.

Bar Marquee for 100 Standing Guests

A basic marquee for 100 standing guests should be around 9m x 15m if it includes small bar or stage. To determine space required for the bar – cask ales tend to require racks – or the stage, you’ll need to take account the needs for the staff to operate and as well as any loading space. Within the marquee, make sure that floor is suitable for purposes and keeping the space clear with overhead lighting and décor.


Marquee with Long Table Seating for 100 Guests

For an event or wedding with 100 guests sitting at long tables, we recommend marquee that is at around 9m x 18m. A marquee of this size will allow for good access and egress for your main guests whilst making room for a ‘top table’ of honourees. Whether you’re planning a wedding or village fete, a long table event layout is certain to add a vintage ambiance to the event.


Marquee for Round Table Wedding Reception with 100 Guests

A marquee with round table seating for 100 guests will need be roughly 12m x 12m in size. Round tables are a popular choice for weddings as they encourage social interaction between guests. For your event you will need to consider the dimensions and number of chairs for each table. We offer round tables with seating for 8 or 10 guests, as well as oval tables that seat up 18. In the past, we’ve worked with organisers who have used tables that are the same size or a mix of sizes.

Marquee Wedding Reception for 100 with Dancefloor

Marquee for 100 with Dance floor
Our dance floors are sectional and available in 1m x 1m sections and are built to allow the correct size for your function. So for a wedding with 100 guests we recommend a dancefloor of 4m x5m.  When we add this element to the structure, a good ball park size for marquee with round tables for 100 and a dance floor is about 12m x 18m.

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