Where to Hire Marquees?

marquee decoration ideas - Summer Wedding

If you’re planning an outdoor event or wedding, one of the first things you might want to find out is ‘Where to hire marquees?’ After all, having a beautiful marquee helps to protect your special day from the elements and gives you great options for lighting, entertainment, and catering. For wedding planners and event organisers, there are a few options available for where to hire a marquee from, which we will discuss in this blog.

Hire Marquees Directly

If you are booking directly with a marquee hire company, it is likely that you are one of the main planners for your event or wedding. You will be able to arrange access for the marquee builders to the site as well as having permission to use services like water and power. Whether the event is in a park or in the middle of a farm, you’ll be the main point of contact for whichever marquee hire firm you choose.

With our clients, we try to make sure that we get a good idea of the size of the event, entertainments on offer and things to keep your guests happy – like heating and seating before you book. This helps make the process as simple as possible and helps us to identify any special requirements for the event early on. After 20 years’ experience in Devon, our local area, we tend to know what is needed at many of the popular wedding venues, which enables us to be more efficient.

Use a Recommended Marquee Supplier From the Venue

Depending on where you’re holding your wedding or event, the venue might have restrictions or recommendations with regards to where to hire marquees. It’s good to speak to the venue about this before you start making any other arrangements. Any marquee team that the venue recommends will have an existing relationship with that venue. This sometimes makes booking quicker as the company will already have knowledge of the logistical details for the site.

In our experience of working with venues like Westpoint in Devon, having a good existing relationship with the venue owners can make for a relaxed planning experience and, ultimately, a successful event.

Find a Marquee Company Near You

Location is an important factor when you decide where to hire marquees. Marquees need to be strong and sturdy, which generally means that the parts that make up a marquee are quite heavy to transport. So finding a marquee company that is relatively near where you plan to hold your event can help to keep costs down.

As an example, here at Marldon Marquees, we tend to work in and around Devon, but we also travel to Taunton and Cornwall. Though we consider working with weddings and events that are further afield, the travel time and cost can often make this tricky. Furthermore, the fact that we work so frequently with local venues and events means that we have expert knowledge in our area. This expertise makes it easier for us to help with inquiries from clients who, like a bride and groom, might be booking a marquee for the first time.

Once you’ve decided where to hire your marquees, your marquee hire team should be helpful, courteous and professional, with the experience to help you deliver an incredible event. They should also have adequate insurance and be part of the marquee industry benchmarking association, MUTA. This will give you the confidence that the company you choose will have the right health and safety policy and know how to erect marquees safely, whatever the weather or site. We at Marldon Marquees have been members for 12 years.

For more information about how hiring a marquee can help make your outdoor event a memorable one, get in touch with Marldon Marquees.