Why have a Marquee Wedding?

There are so many venue choices for a bride and groom who are planning a wedding, so why have a marquee wedding?

Create your own unique wedding venue

We build each of our wedding marquees to order, customised for the site. So one of the best answers for the ‘why have a marquee wedding’ question, is that it’s a great way to create a bespoke and unique wedding venue.  We help our clients turn wedding plans into reality. Over the last 20 years, we’ve been able to build weddings marquees that include outside elements like fountains, trees, and even a swimming pool, part of the event decor!

Our marquees are tailored to fit any space

A wedding in a garden is a whimsical way to celebrate your nuptials so another benefit of a marquee wedding is that you can hold your reception in the garden of your family home.

Being based in the South West, there are so many country homes that are perfect for weddings! And our team take the greatest of care on site to ensure that your garden looks great before, during and after the wedding.

Just picture it – a rustic wedding in the heart of the Devon countryside! With a wedding marquee, you can plan the positioning of the tent so that every view is picture perfect. Our marquees can be built with sides that open out to let in the summer breeze or with a clear top to let the sunshine in. No electric? No problem. We can supply all the electric, lighting, heating and more for your guests, which means you can leave the logistics to us.

Decorate the marquee to your own style

Lots of people choose a marquee wedding because the tent becomes your canvas (see what we did there) allowing you to fully commit to your wedding theme or colour scheme. We use clearspan marquee frames that keep each of our structures open plan, so you can decorate fill the space as you wish.  And if you need some inspiration, we have a range of features to help you tailor the space to your specifications.

Accommodate any amount of guests

You can hire a wedding marquee that suits a small intimate wedding or marquees that can seat 100 or up to 1000 wedding guests. So unlike wedding venues that require a minimum number of guests or have strict limits on capacity, if the location is right, we can build your marquee wedding to fit the size of your guest list.

The Time is Yours

Once your marquee is built, it is yours. This means that many of our clients enjoy having a marquee wedding because you can be more flexible with timings for your preparation, celebration and pack up. This flexibility helps to reduce the stress of the day, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

At Marldon Marquees, we hire elegant wedding marquees for clients across Devon and the South West. Contact us to find out more about how to hire a marquee for your wedding.