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Can a Marquee be Used on Concrete?

Can you use a marquee on other hard surfaces like tarmac or pavement? If you are looking to host an event on a patio, town square, car park, seafront or even on the tarmac of an airfield, you might ask ‘can a marquee be used on concrete?’ before you find out anything else. The marquee […]

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How to build a Marquee Tent That Suits Your Event or Wedding

If you are looking to hold an outdoor wedding or event, building a marquee is a great option to add style, flexibility and weatherproofing to your soirée! We know how useful it is to know what your marquee hire team considers when they decide how to build a marquee tent for your event. Though each […]

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Can a Marquee be used in Winter?

Our blog explores how you can use a marquee for your winter wedding or event. Well, the short answer is, yes. In the right conditions, a well-constructed marquee can be used in the winter for a wedding or event. If you’re considering using a marquee for your outdoor winter event there are a few things, […]

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Where to Hire Marquees?

If you’re planning an outdoor event or wedding, one of the first things you might want to find out is ‘Where to hire marquees?’ After all, having a beautiful marquee helps to protect your special day from the elements and gives you great options for lighting, entertainment, and catering. For wedding planners and event organisers, […]

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