Long table or round tables: Which is best for a wedding?

You’ll have the date set, the venue booked and your guest list sorted, so what’s the next step for your wedding event planning? Getting the space right for your wedding reception depends on how you make use of it. Allowing your guests to sit and eat in comfort during the wedding breakfast and mingle as the day progresses into the evening reception. Your table layout plays a big part in planning your space, and there’s two main options to choose; round table or long tables for your wedding.

Why choose long tables for a wedding?

Long table or (sometimes known as refectory tables) create a space maximising layout. Plus the long table layout lends itself to more aesthetic and impactful decorations. Table runners and tall opulent floral decorations are easier to achieve, and if it’s a summer garden party themed wedding hosted in a fabulous marquee; coverless refectory tables with bunting and simple flowers create a rustic look. The downside to long tables can be the guests experience, particularly those at the ends of table only able to realistically being able to speak to their neighbouring guests.

How many long tables should I have at my wedding?

It depends on your number of guests! However, as a guide, a long table consists of several 6ft long smaller sections sat in a long line. Each 6ft table will sit 3 guests per side, so if each long table is made up of 5 tables that’s 30 guests. And if you have a space for 3 long tables that’s 90 guests sitting comfortably for your reception.

What about Round tables for weddings?

Round tables have traditionally been the go to option for wedding and events. They allow guests to socialise more easily at the dinner table, and they make it easier to for guest on other tables to mingle with each other. Due to their large diameters they might not be as effective in space as a long table layout.

However, round tables work well in unusual shaped spaces Be aware of pillars or other fixed objects within your space which can affect how many round tables you can fit. If it’s a marquee space then look for the modern Clear Span marquees that don’t have any pillars or guy ropes to get in the way.

How many round tables do you need for 100 guests?

Round tables commonly come in two sizes; 5ft which will fit 8 guests, or 6ft wide where 10 guests can sit in comfort. For these configurations’ you’ll find plenty of space for your table settings plus central floral displays. We recommend keeping your displays low in height otherwise your guests may struggle to see around them!

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